Deluxe Brewing Co. Albany, Oregon

  • 541-928-7699
  • 635 NE Water Ave. Suites B & D • Albany, OR 97321
  • Hours: Open Mon. – Friday. 3-8 pm, Sat. 12-8 pm, Sun. 12-6 pm

Deluxe Beers

On tap now at the Tasting Room

Flagship Beers
Amber Lager – “Wild Beaver” 5.5% ABV & 15 IBU
This original amber lager comes from an award winning recipe. Bold malt flavor balanced by Mount Hood and Santiam hops make this a truly thirst quenching beer.

Pre-Prohibition Pilsner – “Deluxe Resurrection” 5.5% ABV & 40 IBU
Resurrection is brewed with a pilsner malt and corn for a traditional and full-flavored lager. Added to the brew is some local Mount Hood and Santiam hops which add moderate spice and bitterness. A special lager yeast makes this a clean and refreshing beer.

Schwarzbier – “Pure Sin”  4.7% ABV & 12 IBU
Schwarzbier means “black beer” in German. It is a medium-bodied, malt-accented dark brew with a rich-creamy head. In spite of its dark color, it comes across as a soft and elegant brew that is rich, mild, and surprisingly balanced. Meant to be sinful!

IPA—”Deluxe IPA” 6.3% / 80 IBU
Triple hopped with Nugget, Chinook and Cascade, Deluxe’s first IPA is a perfect blend of hops and premium malts. It’s smooth and hoppy and very easy-drinking.

Specialty Beers
Doppelbock– “Sintillator” 8% ABV & 22 IBU
Scintillate your senses with Deluxe’s Doppelbock. Doppelbock (double bock) is a strong malty beer with hardly any bitterness. Complex, rich and balanced with a deep amber color it’s sure to spark some sin.

Russian Rye Imperial Stout – “North to Alaska” 10.3% & 56 IBU
Limited release. Smooth and balanced, this big beer from Deluxe will keep you warm this winter. 

Current Seasonals
Dunkel – “Sweet B”  5% ABV & 22 IBU
Dark, delicate and delicious, Deluxe’s Sweet B Dunkel is full-bodied and refreshing. It has a rich smooth taste and a lingering slightly sweet aftertaste. The aroma and extraordinary coloration result from a special barley malt roasting process.

ESB— “Bitter Beaver” 6.4% & 43 IBU
Introducing the Wild Beaver’s cousin Bitter Beaver. Balanced malt and bitterness with Nugget and Chinook hops, the Bitter Beaver from Deluxe will have you begging for more.

Barrel Aged
The Pure Sin schwarzbier goes extreme when aged in a French Oak Grappa Barrel from Sinister Distilling. This delicate beer has a hint of grapes, chocolate and vanilla. Enjoy this one-barrel small-batch beer.

Currently Unavailable
Bohemian Pilsner – “Bitchin’ Bohemian” 5.1 % ABV & 31 IBU
Kick back and relax with a Bohemian Pilsner in your hand. The gold in the glass is crisp, complex and extremely refreshing.

Hoppy Lager —  “Lager 55” 7.6% ABV & 60 IBU
Lager 55 is a golden hoppy lager based off of brewmaster Howie’s award winning IPA recipe. Lagering this style of beer makes the Cascade and Chinook hops balance well with the strong malt flavor. This fine lager finishes clean with a reminder of those hoppy days of summer cruising around in the ‘55 Chevy.

Oktoberfest/Marzen – “Deluxe Fest Bier“ 6.6% ABV & 25 IBU  
Celebrate the beginning of fall with this traditional Oktoberfest/Marzen. A distinct blend of three different malts and three varieties of Northwest hops create our medium bodied seasonal brew with a golden pour that finishes crisp and clean.

Blonde- “Golden Shifter” 5.5%ABV/ 22 IBU
This ale is light bodied with medium bitterness. The Pearl Hops used in this luscious brew give a splendid hint of spice in the finish.